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The Amulet   Stratford  Ontario  Canada 
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James Llewellyn
Jim began making wire jewellery back inEnglandin the 1930's. Jim is the back bone to The Amulet and one of the fore fathers who brought wire art over fromEnglandand introduced it toNorth America. Jim wrote 3 books in the late 60's early 70's which have helped thousands of people get started on their careers as wire artists.  Jim passed away in 1985 leaving his legacy in the capable hands of his wife Mavis, and daughter Susan. 

Mavis Llewellyn
With almost 50 years of wire working behind her Mavis brings the quintessential element of experience to The Amulet and it's creations. She is responsible for some of the most beautiful and complex designs to date. Mavis began wire working in 1959 when she, and her late husband Jim, came to Canada and decided to turn this hobby into a business.

Susan Llewellyn
Jim and Mavis's daughter Susan grew up with wire, beads and gem stones all around her so it was only natural that she began wire working at the tender age of eight. With all of her parents experience and knowledge behind her, Susan is a very accomplished wire artist who has a lot to offer.